Dog Walking Leash for Dogs or Cats Sturdy, Tangle-Free Retractable with Non-Slip Handle

Color: Blue


LIBERATED CONTROL: Our thoughtfully designed leashes provide your furry companion with a sense of controlled freedom, allowing them to feel unrestricted while ensuring you have the control needed in unexpected situations.

VARIED SIZES & VIBRANT COLORS: We understand that dogs come in all sizes, so our leashes aren't one-size-fits-all. Tailored to suit the needs of different dog breeds, our leashes come in various sizes and colors, promoting confidence during walks.

PICK YOUR STYLE: Our leashes feature ergonomic handles available in tape or cord styles, both robust and durable. This allows you to choose the design that suits you and your pet best for a comfortable and secure walking experience.

EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Each leash model boasts a "tangle-free" and ergonomic design, meticulously assembled by hand and rigorously tested. This ensures that you and your dog enjoy the best experience during your morning walks, no matter where your adventures take you.

SAFETY-FIRST BRAKING: Engineered with a convenient one-hand braking system, our leashes offer a quick and precise response, allowing you to control the distance your furry friend walks.


  • 3M (Approx. 118 inches): Suitable for pets under 20kg (44 pounds)
  • 5M (Approx. 197 inches): Ideal for pets under 40kg (88 pounds)

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