Smart Touch Squeak Toy for Indoor Cats

Color: Blue


Entice your cat with lifelike sounds mimicking three different animals, appealing to its hunting instincts. Each colored ball produces distinct sounds—pink birds, green frogs, and yellow crickets.

Equipped with a high-sensitivity sounder, the cat toy ball emits sounds upon gentle paw touches, alleviating boredom and enhancing your cat's activity level for a more entertaining experience.

For added enjoyment, open the lid to infuse catnip into the ball. Watch as your cat becomes excited and delighted, transforming the toy into its favorite. This not only encourages exercise and mental stimulation but also promotes a healthy and active lifestyle for your feline companion.


Color: pink, green, yellow

Size: 50mm

Weight: 12g


Package Included:

1*Toy ball

1*Insulation sheet


In order to ensure the storage of electricity, the bidding ball is equipped with a disposable insulating sheet. After the insulating sheet is pulled out, the owner should not pinch the toy hard to avoid affecting the toy's inability to make a sound.

To prevent cats from accidentally eating electronic components, the battery cannot be replaced.

If any part of the ball is broken or separated, do not play with the cat.


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