Equestrian Stress Relief: Hay Feeder Toy Ball for Horses, Goats, and Sheep - Hanging Feeding Toy

Color: Blue


Material: TPR

Product Size: Approximately 5.51 inches in diameter

Color Options: Red, Blue, Green


  1. Prevents waste: This ball helps to prevent animals from wasting their feed.

  2. Keeps horses engaged: The treat ball keeps horses busy, minimizing boredom and encouraging slower eating, reducing waste. It prevents rolling, pooping, or laying in the hay.

  3. Natural feeding: The slow feeder ball allows horses to feed naturally through restricted free access feeding.

  4. Durable construction: The ball is extremely strong, made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), with high tensile strength, making it suitable for even the most spirited horses.

Package Included:

  • 1 Horse Treat Ball


  • Please allow for slight dimensional differences due to manual measurement.

  • Consider slight color variations as acceptable due to differences in light and screen settings.

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