Reflective and waterproof dog raincoat



【Waterproof & Cozy】: Crafted from high-quality soft fabric, our dog raincoat offers waterproof and impermeable protection. The lightweight and breathable polyester material ensures your dog stays dry and comfortable throughout the worst weather conditions.

【Chic Design】: Our dog raincoats feature a four-leg design, providing comprehensive water resistance. A discreet traction mouth allows easy attachment of a collar and leash. Elastic wrap designs on the legs and tail, along with adjustable drawstrings at the neck and waist, add both functionality and style.

【Safety in Style】: Enhancing both fashion and safety, this dog rain jacket is equipped with reflective strips on each leg. These strips not only contribute to the coat's stylish appearance but also increase visibility during nighttime walks, allowing you to locate your dog easily.

【Versatile Usage】: Whether facing rain, snow, or wind, this fashionable dog raincoat ensures a carefree and enjoyable walk with your furry friends.



Size Back Length (cm) Back Length (in) Dress Bust (cm) Dress Bust (in) Weight (g) Weight (lbs)
S 20 7.87 32 12.6 57 0.126
M 25.5 10.04 44 17.32 68.5 0.151
L 30.5 12.01 48 18.9 87 0.192
XL 34 13.39 54 21.26 104.5 0.231
XXL 38.5 15.16 60 23.62 108 0.238

Note: Weight is converted from grams to pounds using the conversion factor 1g = 0.00220462 lbs. Measurements are rounded to two decimal places for clarity.

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