Soft Washable Dog and Cat Bed with Plush Kennel Mat



Premium Quality at a Competitive Price:
Crafted from high-quality PV velvet and filled with superior PP cotton, this pet bed offers a safe and material-friendly haven for dogs and cats.
Ultimate Comfort: Indulge your pets with super-soft and cozy materials that are gentle on their skin. The plush texture is resistant to shedding and tearing, ensuring lasting comfort. Ideal for keeping your furry friends warm in the cold winter, fostering a serene sleeping environment.
Stability with Non-slip Bottom: The dotted non-slip design on the middle round bottom provides stability. While machine washable, hand washing is recommended to maintain the plush's softness and comfort.
Versatile Sizes: Choose the perfect fit for your pet with multiple size options – 15.7"/40cm for pets up to 6lbs, 23.6"/60cm for pets up to 20lbs, 31.5"/80cm for pets up to 45lbs, and 39.3"/100cm for pets up to 60lbs.
Round Raised Rim Design: The round shape and raised rim create an ideal space for pets to curl up or sprawl, offering a comforting sense of security.
Care Instructions: While machine washable, hand washing is recommended for a softer and more comfortable plush feel. If using a machine, wash in a cold, gentle cycle separately, and ensure thorough drying in the dryer.


Material: Plush, Polypropylene Cotton, Non-slip Oxford Backing


15.7": Outer diameter 15.7”, Inner Diameter 7.9”, Height 5.5”, fit for pets up to 6 lbs

23.6": Outer diameter 23.6”, Inner Diameter 13.8”, Height 7.9”, fit for pets up to 25 lbs

31.5": Outer diameter 31.5”, Inner Diameter 19.7”, Height 7.9”, fit for pets up to 55 lbs

39.4": Outer diameter 39.4”, Inner Diameter 27.6”, Height 7.9”, fit for pets up to 120 lbs

Package Included:

1 x Pet Bed

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