Portable Self-Cleaning Cat Grooming Brush

Color: Green avocado


  1. Unique Fruit Comb Design: Introducing a pet comb with a distinctive lemon shape that combines strength and softness. This grooming tool not only effectively cares for your pet's skin during combing but also adds a touch of style.

  2. Minimize Pet Hair Shedding: Our dog grooming scrubber serves a dual purpose – it can be used for combing during baths. Regular use significantly reduces pet hair loss, preventing it from scattering everywhere and keeping your surroundings tidy.

  3. Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality ABS and Silica gel materials, our pet bath brush ensures a soft and comfortable experience. Use it with confidence to remove floating hair and maintain your pet's cleanliness.

  4. Convenient One-Click Cleaning: Equipped with a one-click cleaning button, our pet brush simplifies maintenance. Press the button to retract the bristles and effortlessly wipe away collected hairs. The brush is washable, ensuring hygiene for your pet.

  5. Enhance Well-being: Regular brushing and massaging contribute to improved blood circulation and relaxation for your pets. Suitable for small, medium, and large short/long-haired animals, this versatile grooming tool is a must-have for their well-being.


Product Description:
Material: ABS
Size: 12.9*8*5.6cm
Color: green yellow
Applicable objects: cats and dogs

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