Classic Horse Tail Protection Bag with Fringe - Soft Texture, Portable Design, and Anti-Dirty Drawstring Closure

Color: black




Tail Perfection in Style: Nylon Tail Bag for Braided Tails

Experience the perfect blend of smoothness, lightweight design, and durability with our Nylon Tail Bag, meticulously crafted to shield and enhance your horse's braided tail.

Ideal Protection for Show-Ready Tails:

When your horse's tail is freshly washed and beautifully braided for a show, our tail bag is the ideal companion for maintaining that pristine look. The sturdy touch fastener near the opening ensures easy application, keeping the tail securely in place.

Fashion Meets Function:

Enhanced with 4-5 inches of additional tassel fringe, this tail bag not only looks stylish but also serves a practical purpose. The fringe acts as a natural swatter, providing relief in the heat of summer.

Water-Repellent and Easy Maintenance:

Crafted from water-repellent nylon, this lightweight tail bag is not only protective but also easily maintained. While machine washable, we recommend hand washing to preserve the integrity of the touch fastener and tassels. Keep your horse's tail clean, tangle-free, and ready for any weather condition.

Attractive Color Options:

Choose from a palette of six beautiful colors to complement your horse's look - Fluorescent Green, Azure Blue, Champion Blue, Mars Black, Scarlet Red, and Fuchsia Pink. Available in one size, measuring approximately 22 inches long (excluding tassel length) and 6 inches wide, ensuring a versatile fit for most horse tails.

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