Teaser stick for cats

Color: Blue


【Interchangeable Tassel & Feather】 The interactive cat wand comes with replaceable heads featuring vibrant colors and soft, fluffy fur. Swapping between the two feathers not only keeps the toy fresh but also engages your cat's visual senses, triggering their natural instincts. The tassel, glistening in the sunlight, adds an extra allure, enticing cats to playfully chase and pounce.

【Telescopic Convenience】 Elevate playtime with your cat by using the retractable design of this teasing stick. Simply press the switch on the stick's body to extend the cat wand. Adjust the length manually by stretching the top feather head based on your cat's mood. When it's time to put it away, press the pink button atop the switch for an automatic retraction of the string.

【Compact and Lightweight】 Weighing only 85 grams each, this retractable kitty teaser is incredibly lightweight and easy to store. Slip it into your bag when on the go, and you'll hardly notice the added weight.

【Purrfect Gift for Cats】 Stylish and adorable, this cat teaser is not only user-friendly but also makes an ideal birthday gift for your feline friend. With color options in blue and pink, it's a delightful present for any cat owner or a friend with a cat.

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