Protective wound healing collars for small pets



【Adjustable Sizes for All Pets】This pet recovery collar comes in 4 adjustable sizes to cater to various pet dimensions.

【Safety for Small Pets】The Elizabethan collar is a secure method to prevent pets, including cats, small dogs, and other little companions, from interfering with a healing wound or injury. The adorable sunflower collar doesn't obstruct your kitten's vision, allowing them to eat, drink, sleep, and play without hindrance.

【Comfortable Design】Crafted with soft and lightweight cotton filling, the Wound Healing Protective Cone ensures a comfortable wearing experience for your pet. It is gentle on their skin, minimizing irritation during the recovery period.

【Charming Costume】The sunflower-shaped neck cone adds a touch of fun and joy to your cat's recovery after surgery. Perfect for photo shoots, parties, Halloween, or Christmas, it brings smiles to your family and helps turn a necessary accessory into a charming costume.

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