Cartoon Pentagram Shape Cat Combs

Color: Green



ENHANCES PET WELL-BEING: Crafted to delicately massage your pet's fur, the anti-scratch teeth on our dog and cat comb promote your furry companion's overall health by stimulating circulation.

Effortless Hair Removal for Cats: Featuring a one-click self-cleaning button, this premium comb streamlines the removal of pet hair. After brushing, simply press the button, and the accumulated pet hair is effortlessly pushed out of the brush.

THE IDEAL GROOMING SOLUTION FOR CATS: Gently eliminates undercoat, loose hair, knots, flakes, and trapped dirt. A suitable choice for dogs and cats with longer coats and non-sensitive skin, maintaining your pets' cleanliness while ensuring a hygienic home environment.

User-Friendly Design: With a sleek surface and an ergonomically curved handle, this comb ensures a comfortable grip, making the process of combing your pet's hair a breeze.

Versatile for Various Pets: The elongated, curved comb teeth effortlessly reach the depths of your pet's fur, effectively removing dead hair. This shell brush is ideal for all fur types.

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