Auto-Retractable Dog Leash

Color: Blue



Ergonomic Design:  This leash boasts a compact, lightweight build, ensuring easy handling suitable for hands of all sizes. The soft, ergonomic non-slip grip comfortably fits your hand, enabling a secure hold even when dealing with pulling or running dogs.
Easy Usage: Simply attach the silver metal hook to your dog's collar or harness, holding the leash by the handle. The leash moves in and out freely without sagging. Utilize the brake button by sliding it forward to lock the length and slide it back to maintain a fixed position, perfect for heel walking. Always retract and lock the leash before unhooking from your dog.
Long-lasting Construction: Crafted from eco-friendly and durable PP casing with a modern aesthetic, the leash features a stainless steel internal spring resistant to corrosion and a high-strength nylon ribbon. No need to replace your leash yearly – this design ensures lasting quality.
Safety Lock System: The one-touch locking system allows easy adjustment of the leash length with a single hand operation. The improved swivel snap and all-belt design prevent tangling, especially when walking active dogs. Prioritize safety and convenience with this leash.
Color-Coded Leash:
The bright-colored belt matches the accent trim on the body of the leash. This enables you, and those around you, to see the line more easily when extended. When walking multiple dogs, use one blue and one pink to easily distinguish the correct line.




Package Size: 3000 x 100 x 40 mm
Available in 2 Sizes:
  1. 3M (10ft) - Suitable for dogs weighing 1-15kg
  2. 5M (16FT) - Ideal for dogs weighing 10-20kg
Note: The 10ft leash is designed for dogs up to 25 lbs, while the 16ft leash is suitable for dogs up to 33 lbs. In the case of non-active dogs, the 16ft leash can support dogs up to 110 lbs. Thank you for your understanding!
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