Cat Toy Balls

Color: Green


  1. Charming and Interactive Design: Featuring an adorable pea shape and vibrant green color, this toy mimics nature, captivating cats with its lifelike appearance.
  2. Perfect Gift for Pets: Strategically place this toy in areas frequented by cats and small pets, providing them with a playful outlet to scratch and play, ultimately reducing their tendency to damage indoor furniture.
  3. Premium Quality Materials: Crafted from natural sisal material, the toy ball is wrapped with sisal rope, ensuring a safe and healthy experience for cats. Resistant to wear, chewing, biting, and scratching, it minimizes damage to furniture.
  4. Engaging Soundstone Feature: Embedded with a rustling soundstone, the toy emits enticing sounds during shaking, colliding, and touching. This captures the cat's attention, stimulating natural hunting instincts, and reducing boredom, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.
  5. Convenient Storage Solution: Includes a unique pea pod-shaped storage bag for easy post-play storage, preventing loss and keeping the toy ready for the next round of feline fun.


Material: Sisal Rope+Velvet+Plastic

Color: Green

Size: 20cmx6cmx7cm/7.9 "x2.4" x2.8“

Weight: 86G

3PCS Sisal Rope Ball

1PCS Storage Bag

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