Dog and pet cleaning kit

Color: X1 white


About this item: Pet Hair Vacuum

🐶 Low Noise:

  • Utilizes a high-quality motor for minimal noise, less than 60dB in normal use.
  • Provides a calm grooming experience for pets, alleviating fear associated with haircuts.

🐶 Vacuum Suction 99% Pet Hair:

  • Eliminates the mess caused by traditional dog clippers.
  • Captures 99% of hair into the vacuum cup during grooming, preventing scattered hair around the house.

🐶 2.5L Capacity Larger Pet Hair Dust:

  • Equipped with a 2.5L dust box for efficient collection of all types of pet hair.
  • Saves time and reduces hassle associated with cleaning up after grooming.

🐶 Smoothly Electric Dog Clipper:

  • Ensures a stress-free grooming session with a powerful motor.
  • Offers quick, efficient, and comfortable clipping for your furry friend.

🐶 Perfect Gift for Your Furry Kids:

  • Includes 5 proven grooming tools & 4 guard combs.
  • Enables easy grooming at home, providing a new look without the need for a pet grooming salon.

Additional Information:

  • Motor Quality: Super high-quality motor for reliability and durability.
  • Grooming Tools: Kit includes 5 grooming tools and 4 guard combs for versatility.
  • Capacity: 2.5L dust box for extended grooming sessions without frequent emptying.
  • Convenience: Combines grooming and vacuuming simultaneously for a cleaner experience.
  • Efficiency: Quick and efficient clipping for a comfortable experience for both pet and owner.

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